Wired 180 Motion Sensor PIR Light Switch 240V 2 Channel

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Wired 180 Motion Sensor PIR Light Switch 240V

Wired 180 Motion Sensor PIR Light Switch 240V
Type: 2 Channel
Quicklink: Q36F7
£94.43 excl.VAT
Product Code: WISE ZV810
Wise Transmitter 240V 2 Channel
1 x ZV810: 
180 Motion Sensor PIR Light Switch White 500W


The Wired PIR Sensor Kit 240V is a Wise Transmitter with a wired180 Motion Sensor PIR Light Switch. The Wise Transmitter enables the PIR to send wireless signals to any Wise Receiver. Ideal for when you cannot install any cables between your sensor and your lighting circuit.

The transmitter is small enough to be placed in many locations, for example, in the ceiling, in the wall either through it, behind a recessed light fitting or in a surfaced mounted fitting. The transmitter should be placed in a suitable insulated box.

It can be fitted into a small waterproof box to allowed it to be used outside for your garden lighting, garage doors and water features.

The transmitters are designed to be simple to install, easy to use and most importantly, reliable.

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Colour White
Construction Plastic
Detection Angle 180
Detection Range 8m
IP Rating IP30 - Protection from entry by tools, wires, etc., with a diameter of thickness greater than 1.0mm. No special protection against the harmful entry of various forms of moisture (e.g. dripping, spraying, submersion, etc.)
Depth 38mm
Length 86mm
Width 86mm
Input Voltage 240V
Maximum Wattage 500W
Output Voltage 240V