Wise Fusion 1-10V Smart Dimmer Master Wired 1 Gang 240V Walnut 450W

Wise Fusion 1-10V Smart LED Dimmer Master Wired
Wise Fusion 1-10V Smart Dimmer Master Wired 1 Gang 240V

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Wise Fusion 1-10V Smart Dimmer Master Wired 1 Gang 240V
Colour: Walnut
Maximum Wattage: 450W
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£150.34 excl.VAT
Product Code: WISEFUSION1-10VWAL


Our Wise Fusion Smart Dimmer Master is a retro dimmer based around two technologies: electronic dimming and wireless communication.

This dimming unit has three simple buttons to control one lighting circuit: on/off, raise and lower.

What makes these dimmers distinct is the wireless communication between a receiver unit and transmitter unit. It is designed to replace your existing light switch using the existing cables. It can then be synched to a number of Wise Fusion Dimmer Slaves that are completely wireless and can simply be placed around your house. No more chasing wires through wall cavities. You now have the freedom to put your lighting dimmer wherever you want and if you don't like the position, you can easily move it.

On top of this, the Wise Fusion Range offers you a number of options for both simple and more complex lighting control. For simple 2 way dimming a Wise Fusion Dimmer Slave - 1 Gang is used. For more elaborate scene control a Wise Fusion Dimmer Slave - 7 Channel dimmer can be employed. A single button in this case can be programmed as a master ON or OFF.

Five different options can be programmed using our wireless Wise Fusion Dimmer Slaves:

Option A - Scene Programming
Programming a 7 button switch gives you 4 scenes, master raise/lower and off. It gives you the flexibility to create different atmospheres in your house, controlling multiple circuits on one button. You can store different scenes on different Wise switches. Allows up to 64 scenes. For example, you can have 4 Wise Fusion Dimmer Masters (4 gang) in your living room. Pressing scene 1 on the 7 button switch could give the following;
Downlights = 100%
Wall lights = 80%
Pendant = Off
Low level LEDs = 55%
Pressing scenes 2,3 and 4 can give other preset levels. Any level can be programmed to each receiver.

Option B - Single Button Dimming Programming
Allows circuits to be switched ON/OFF or dimmed from a single button.

Option C - Switching ON only Programming
Allows you to switch single or multiple circuits ON. Ideal for programming a 'Master On' switch to turn on certain circuits as you enter your home.

Option D - Switching OFF only Programming
Allows you to switch single or multiple circuits OFF. Ideal for programming a 'Master Off' button for your home.

Option E - Three Button Dimming Programming
Allows circuits to be switched ON/OFF, raise or lower using a three button switch.

A receiver is not limited to one of the programming options. E.g. you can program a switch for scene control, another switch for dimming and another switch for master ON/OFF.

Wireless Switches and Remotes
Although the Wise Fusion Slave has been designed specifically for this product, other Wise switches, remotes and keyfobs are all compatible and offer the same functionality. A 7 button switch or remote must be used if you require scene setting, Option A. Any switch or remote can be used when programming options B, C, D and E. A one button keyfob is sufficient for options B, C and D. To view other types and finish colours, click the links on the right of this page.

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Maximum Scenes per Receiver 64
Maximum Switches per Receiver 16
Operating Temperature -10C ~ +55C
Radio Frequency 868.3 MHz
Range for Metal Switch 50m Max Line Of Sight
Range for Plastic Switch 100m Max Line Of Sight
Depth 25mm
Height 86mm
Plate Depth 9mm
Width 86mm
Input Voltage 240V
Maximum Wattage 450W
Minimum Wattage 25W
Output Voltage 240V