Wise PIR Hood Radio Sensor IP44 Black 2 Channel

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Wise PIR Hood Radio Sensor IP44

Wise PIR Hood Radio Sensor IP44
Colour: Black
Type: 2 Channel
Quicklink: Q3859
£63.00 excl.VAT


The Wise PIR Radio Sensor is a battery powered unit. You can place the sensor without the need to hard wire it. The sensor can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. This PIR is IP44 rated so is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

You can adjust the time delay, light level of operation and PIR range by using the simple dials at the bottom of the eye ball. The time delay can be adjusted between a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 5 minutes. The light level will control when the PIR sensor works according to how much natural light there is. The PIR detection range can be changed from a minimum of 1 metre to a maximum of 12 metres.

The eyeball has the word "top" printed on it. Whichever way you fit the sensor the word "top" must be at the top. The sensor can only be programmed to one channel on the WiseDim box.

We strongly recommend not using more than 1 of the PIRs on a single circuit due to problems caused by battery life. It has a range of up to 100 metres from the receiver.

Wise Controls Introduction Video


Depth 140mm
Height 155mm
Width 120mm