Wise Aerial 868Mhz Black

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Wise Aerial 868Mhz

Wise Aerial 868Mhz
Colour: Black
Quicklink: Q10C3
£27.43 excl.VAT
Product Code: WISEANT868 BLACK


The Wise Aerial is designed to be fitted outside to help improve reception in areas where the 868MHz signal is weak. In most cases it is not required. It has an adjustable knuckle that can be moved from a 0 to 90 degree angle.

This product uses RG58 50 ohm tinned cable and is 3.5m long. If you require a longer length than this, we highly recommend sourcing the same cable and using coaxial male and female connectors to link cable lengths together.


Colour Black
Base Width 33mm
Cable Length 3m
Height 211mm