Wise Keypad Switch 4 Channel White

Wireless Outdoor Switches
Wise Keypad Switch

Wise Keypad Switch
Type: 4 Channel
Colour: White
Quicklink: Q1983
£103.83 excl.VAT


The Wise Keypad Switch is a coded remote control that activates your wireless switching/dimming controllers for security purposes or where limiting access to lighting controls is a requirement. This product has a waterproof rating of IP54, suitable for locating the switch outdoors.

There are a total of 4 channels, 3 of which are encoded. Transmission commands may only be activated after an access code of 5 digits is entered between the numbers 0 to 9. If the entered access code is correct, the 3 encoded channels are unlocked and can be pressed singly. The encoded channels remain active for 30 seconds after initial code entry. The initial code is easily achieved through the simple programmable interface.

The system permits up to 3 attempts, after which the switch becomes inactive and the internal buzzer emits 3 beeps upon an attempt to press any key. The unit will then have to be enabled again by pressing any key and entering the correct code. This security feature makes this product very difficult to circumnavigate.

Key Functions

  • Keys from 0 to 9 for inserting access code
  • Keys 1-3 Button A: Transmission channels only available after having digitised the access code on the keypad
  • Button B: Direct command, always active, to be used where the command with access code need not be enabled

Wise Controls Introduction Video


Colour White
IP Rating IP54 - Protection from the amount of dust that would interfere with the operation of the equipment. Protection from splashed water.
Depth 30mm
Height 115mm
Width 75mm