Wired Microwave Presence Detection Switch Kit 240V White 500w


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The Wired Microwave Presence Detection Switch Kit 240V is a Wise Transmitter with a wired Microwave Presence Detection Switch. The Wise Transmitter enables the Sensor to send wireless signals to any Wise Receiver. Ideal for when you cannot install any cables between your sensor and your lighting circuit.

The transmitter is small enough to be placed in many locations, for example, in the ceiling, in the wall either through it, behind a recessed light fitting or in a surfaced mounted fitting. The transmitter should be placed in a suitable insulated box.

It can be fitted into a small waterproof box to allowed it to be used outside for your garden lighting, garage doors and water features.

The transmitters are designed to be simple to install, easy to use and most importantly, reliable.

Ideal for outdoor or indoor use the 2A Microwave Presence Detection Switch IP67 can be wall or ceiling mounted and are designed for the automatic switching of lighting, heating, and air conditioning loads.

The sensor detects movement, within its range of detection, by emitting low-power microwave signals and measuring the reflections as the signal reflects off moving objects such as people moving through a room.

When movement is detected the load switches ON. If no more movement is detected within a certain time, then the MW2A IP67 will switch the load OFF. The time can be set via the internal dip switches.

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Dimensions 110.0 × 110.0 × 65.0 cm