Wise Box 2 Channel kit includes Keyfob, Keypad & Dusk to Dawn 2 Channel 2 x 1000W


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The Wise Time Lag Box Kit is a receiver that has three functions. The functions are on/off switching, push-to-make switching and timelag switching. The timelag function can be set to work between 1 second and 9 hours. This is very popular when installing lighting for communal hall ways and stair cases. As the switches are all wireless they can be placed anywhere with minimal effort.

The receiver has two 10 amp channels with a 200 metre range. Thee channels can be changed from switching to push-to-make. Each circuit on the box is fused individually with a 10 amp fuse to protect all the circuits.

It can be programmed in 4 different ways:

Option A – Push-to-make
The circuit will work as push-to-make from a single button.

Option B – Single Button Switching ON/OFF
The circuit can be turned ON/OFF from a single button.

Option C – Two Button Switching ON/OFF
The circuit can be turned ON/OFF from two buttons, for independent ON and OFF.

Option D – Time Delay
The circuit can have a timer on it. Use a single button to turn the lights on. The timer will turn the circuit off after the set time has passed. Use a two button switch for control. To turn on, press button 1 and either wait for the dela time or press button 2 to turn off.

Wall-mounted radio transmitter with integrated light sensor with dusk/dawn function. Automatic control of lights, loads and automation with dusk/dawn function.

Wise Controls Introduction Video

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Dimensions 200.0 × 184.0 cm