Wise Box One with Direct Timer 1 Channel, 5 Amps / Circuit


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The Wise Box Direct Kit is an updated version of the original Wise Box Kit. Version 3 features four PIR timer dials for each circuit, allowing up to 16 PIR’s to be connected. This Kit comes with the Wise-Wifi Direct chip that allows for direct wifi control, using your phone, without the need for a wifi router.

The kit includes the Wise Direct Chip.

The Wisebox unit will control your lights, water features, electric shutters and gates etc. Once programmed, place the indoor wireless switch in a suitable location and the installation is complete. Enjoy switching your circuits from anywhere in your garden or home with the remote control.

The WiseBox Kit has a receiver that has four 5 amp circuits with a maximum amperage of 20 amps. The WiseBox kit can achieve up to a 200 metre range with a clear line of sight. These circuits can be changed from switching to an open circuit. Each circuit on the WiseBox is fused individually with a 5 amp fuse to protect all the circuits.

The Wise-Wifi Direct Smart Timeclock is a standalone chip that allows for direct wifi control without the need for a wifi router.

  • Download the Wise Direct app in android (play store) or iOS app (Apple store).
  • Multiple users can use the app.
  • No account required.
  • No Wifi router required.
  • Simple set-up.
  • Instant feedback of circuit status.
  • No programming required.
  • Preset Time-lag function.
  • 7 day timer, with dusk till dawn function.

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Dimensions 200.0 × 150.0 cm