Wise Chameleon Master 700mA 45W


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The Wise Chameleon Master receiver is a 700mA 45W LED colour change controller and LED dimmer. It is controlled by wireless switches or by a push-to-make switch. It can colour change and dim any 700mA RGB LEDs or single colour LEDs. It can be programmed in 6 different ways using our wireless switches:

  • Option A : Full Colour Change with a 7 button switch – Choose preset colours, dim colours and colour cycle.
  • Option B : Colour Stepping with a 1 button switch – Step through 8 preset colours.
  • Option C : Dim single colour LEDs with a 1 button switch – Dim LEDs without a minimum load.
  • Option D : Dim Warm White with RGB LEDs – Set RGB LEDs automatically to warm white for general use.
  • Option E : Switching ON only Programming – Allows you to switch ON the receiver.
  • Option F : Switching OFF only Programming – Allows you to switch OFF the receiver.

A receiver is not limited to one of the programming options. E.g. you can program a switch for full colour control, another switch for dimming and another switch for master ON/OFF.

Slave Chameleon
The Slave Chameleon is used when more load is required on the same circuit. Using the Slave keeps the colour cycle and dimming options synchronised.

Power Supply
The Wise Chameleon Master requires a 24V DC power supply. Choose the wattage of the power supply that matches your load. Each Wise Chameleon Slave requires a power supply.

Wireless Switches
The Wise Chameleon Master requires a wireless switch to operate. Choose a 7 button switch for full colour change or a 1 button switch for the other programming options.

Last Setting Memory
Built in memory will resume the previous setting prior to turn off.

Caution: The warm white produced by RGB products is not the same as the warm white produced by single coloured products. By mixing the colours to create warm white a hint of Red, Green, or Blue may appear.

Wise Controls Introduction Video

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Dimensions 165.0 × 47.0 × 35.0 cm