Wise FL17 Wireless Switch Bronze 1 Gang


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The Wise FL17 Wireless Switch can be used to control any of the receivers in the Wise Controls range. The function of the switch, and each of its buttons, depends upon the functions of the wireless receiver it is programmed to. Therefore a single button can be used for a variety of functions including, but not restricted to, on/off, dimming or master off only.

The switches are recessed, they can be positioned almost anywhere. They are battery powered and a CR2032 battery is included with each unit. Battery life lasts up to 3 years. For anything more than 4 gang please contact us for details. A 25mm back box is required with this switch.

The embedded WiseRetro Radio Module is a single channel radio module that can be programmed to any of the circuits on the Wise receivers. It has been designed to fit onto any WiseRetro Module Plate as well as standard dimmer plates from 1 gang to 24 gang. The retro radio module has a locking nut that screws onto the front of the dimmer plate. 16 retro radio modules can be added to each Wise receiver providing ultimate flexibility. When the button is pressed a red light will glow from behind the switch button. This is the battery indicator.

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Dimensions 24.0 × 58.0 cm