Wise Mouse Blind, Daylight Sensor Switch & Blind Receiver 24V 2 Channel Black



This kit consists of the Wise Mouse Blind Switch Daylight Sensor & Wise Blind Receiver 24V

The Wise Mouse Blind Switch is a wireless two channel switch used to control blinds with daylight sensor.

Wireless switches can be used to control any of the receivers in the Wise Controls range. The function of the switch, and each of its buttons, depends upon the function of the wireless receiver it is programmed to. Therefore a single button can be used for a variety of functions including, but not restricted to, on/off,dimming or master off only.

Wireless control unit for 24V rolling shutter motors for integration into the rolling shutter casing. Open-stop-close function. Input for 1 dynamic push button.

Wireless control unit for 24V motors for Venetian blinds with openstop- close function. It allows regulating the inclination of the blinds. Input for command through an external push button.

Two operating ways are possible:

Short impulses (from 50 to 300ms), the partial inclination of the position of the Venetian blinds both in the opening and in the closing directions.

Impulses longer that 300ms, the complete automatic movement of the Venetian blinds in the opening and in the closing directions.

Wise Controls Introduction Video

Additional information

Dimensions 80.0 × 80.0 cm