Wise Mouse Dimmer Switch Daylight Sensor & Scene/Dimming Receiver 12/24V Black


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This kit consists of a Wise Mouse Dimmer Switch Daylight Sensor & Wise Scene/Dimming Receiver 12V 24V

The Wise Mouse Dimmer is a wireless table dimmer with daylight sensor.

Wireless switches can be used to control any of the receivers in the Wise Controls range. The function of the switch, and each of its buttons, depends upon the function of the wireless receiver it is programmed to. Therefore a single button can be used for a variety of functions including, but not restricted to, on/off,dimming or master off only.

The Wise Scene Strip Receiver is a 150W 12V/300W 24V dimmer that is controlled by wireless switches or by a push-to-make switch. It can dim 12V DC or 24V DC LEDs. It can be programmed in 4 different ways using our wireless switches:

Option A – Scene Programming
Programming a 7 button switch gives you 4 scenes, master raise/lower and off. A scene is a preset level of light for each circuit in a room. For example, you can have 4 receivers in your living room. Pressing scene 1 on the 7 button switch could give the following;
Downlights = 100%
Wall lights = 80%
Pendant = Off
Low level LEDs = 55%
Pressing scenes 2,3 and 4 can give other preset levels. Any level can be programmed to each receiver.

Option B – Dimming Programming
Programming a 1 button switch gives you on/off with a quick press and dimming up and down while holding the switch. When turning the lights on you can choose to always bring on the lights at 100% or the last dimmed level.

Option C – Switching ON only

Programming a 1 button switch gives you only ON. This function is used to program multiple circuits to ON.

Option D – Switching OFF only

Programming a 1 button switch gives you only OFF. This function is used to program multiple circuits to OFF.

Option E – Three Button Dimming
Programming a 3 button switch gives you raise function on the first button, dimming function on the second button and off function on the third button.

A receiver is not limited to one of the programming options. E.g. you can program a switch for scene control, another switch for dimming and another switch for master ON/OFF.

Wireless Switches and Remotes
A 7 button switch must be used if you require scene setting, Option A. Any button switch can be used when programming options B,C and D. To view other switches click the links on the right of this page, for example Wireless ID switches.

Power Supply
The Wise Scene Receiver requires a 12V or 24V DC power supply. Choose the wattage of the power supply that matches your load.

A wired push-to-make switch will work as a dimmer, Option B.

A Wise Scene Receiver is required for every circuit.

Wise Controls Introduction Video

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Dimensions 80.0 × 80.0 cm