Wise Scene Box Kit includes Keypad and Key Fob 240V 4x500W


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The Wise Scene Box is a 4 circuit dimmer that is controlled using wireless keypads. This box has been designed to dim incandescent, halogen and LEDs with smooth dimming and no flicker. You can set the individual circuits to switch or dim.

The Wise Scene Box is easy to install with simple mounting to any wall. The wiring is fast with large input terminals and a dedicated terminal for each circuit. The box is IP56 waterproof rated for inside the home or outside in the garden. Multiple boxes can be installed in the same home/garden to create a complete system for controlling your lighting.

The Wise Scene Box has many programming options giving you huge flexibility. You can choose single buttons for on/off and dimming to full scene setting using the wireless keypads plus many more options. Multiple keypads can be used to control the lights from different positions.

We have implemented a very straight forward way of changing the pre-set scenes. No software is required. This gives either the electrician or home owner the option to adjust their own scenes to their preference without the need of a programmer. All options can be controlled on your phone, tablet or PC.

Wise Scene Box Scene Setting

WiseScene Box Programming Tutorial

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Dimensions 254.0 × 200.0 × 95.0 cm