Wise Scene LED Dimming Receiver 240V 100W


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The Wise Scene Leading & Trailing Edge Dimming Receiver is a 100W 240V dimmer that is controlled by wireless switches or by a push-to-make switch. It can dim LEDs, incandescent, mains halogen and low voltage halogen. The product has a built in control circuitry that adapts to the load connected, changing automatically between leading edge and trailing edge dimming modes. It has a maximum wattage of 100W for controlling LED. If controlling Halogen it has a maximum of 250W. It can be programmed in 5 different ways using our wireless switches:

Option A – Scene Programming
Programming a 7 button switch gives you 4 scenes, master raise/lower and off. A scene is a preset level of light for each circuit in a room. For example, you can have 4 receivers in your living room. Pressing scene 1 on the 7 button switch could give the following;
Downlights = 100%
Wall lights = 80%
Pendant = Off
Low level LEDs = 55%
Pressing scenes 2,3 and 4 can give other preset levels. Any level can be programmed to each receiver.

Option B – Dimming Programming
Programming a 1 button switch gives you on/off with a quick press and dimming up and down while holding the switch. When turning the lights on you can choose to always bring on the lights at 100% or the last dimmed level.

Option C – Switching ON only
Programming a 1 button switch gives you only ON. This function is used to program multiple circuits to ON.

Option D – Switching OFF only
Programming a 1 button switch gives you only OFF. This function is used to program multiple circuits to OFF.

Option E – Three Button Dimming
Programming a 3 button switch gives you raise function on the first button, dimming function on the second button and off function on the third button.

A receiver is not limited to one of the programming options. You can program a switch for scene control, another switch for dimming and another switch for master ON/OFF.

Wireless Switches and Remotes
A 7 button switch must be used if you require scene setting, option A. Any button switch can be used when programming options B, C and D. A 3 button switch is required for 3 button dimming, option E. To view other switches click the links on the right of this page, for example Wireless ID switches.

A wired push-to-make switch will work as a dimmer, Option B.

A Wise Scene Receiver is required for every circuit.

WiseScene Dimled Programming

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Dimensions 165.0 × 47.0 × 35.0 cm